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On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 16:25, ungarlando libero it wrote:

> My curiosity:
> i think that using a single desktop-wide database should be a nice thing, in
> particular w.r.t. coding ease, but also in relation to general design elegance.
>  There are a lot of free software DBMSs which would manage it efficiently and
> with powerful features...
> By "desktop-wide" database I mean a single database or set of databases, storing
> all the info we now manage in a per-application or dedicated way... Think of the
> following software
> - gconf 
> - rhythmbox
> - the thumbnails freedesktop spec
> - evolution contacts
> ... and a lot others...

That is what the Storage project is, and more.

To some degree this information is metadata and may be more
appropriately handled my a metadata database is I considered as a
replacement for the Medusa search engine.

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