Re: 2.4 New Accessibility Features

On Wed, 2003-05-21 at 17:05, Glynn Foster wrote:

> Slightly off topic here - what is the suituation with gnome-themes and
> gtk-engines? Currently we seem to have -
> 	gtk-engines
> 		- metal
> 		- pixbuf
> 		- raleigh
> 	gnome-themes
> 		- crux

gnome-themes also includes engines for Mist and LightHouseBlue, IIRC... 
and then of course there's thinice, which is used by the Simple theme
but lives in a module all of its own :)

> Obviously I'm not terribly excited by the results. I'm not sure what
> else is to say :/

Check out the latest draft of the spec for how this is going to end up
looking and behaving (bar the icons, which are mostly just
placeholders-- especially the ones with the big red cross through


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