Re: My (ongoing) analysis of the proposed modules

	I'd like to add some notes to Jeff's comments about gedit-plugins and

First of all I think syntax highlighting is a very important feature for
a text editor (also a simple one) and I'm absolutely convinced it will
make a lot of gedit users really happy. 

About gedit-plugins: you are right, it contains some plugins that
probably should not be distributed in the desktop because they are too 
specialized or duplicate a feature already present in the desktop. Here
I'm thinking to CVS ChangeLog, diff and ASCII table plugins. 

So I propose to move again the "Indent lines", "Sort", "Tag List" and
"Shell Output" plugins to gedit and to not include gedit-plugins in the
desktop [1].

In this way the gedit main package will contain:
- the gedit text editor
- the gedit nautilus viewer (IMHO, it should replace the text viewer
distributed with nautilus)
- the following plugins:
    + Document statistics
    + User name
    + Indent lines 
    + Tag list
    + Insert Date/Time
    + Shell output
    + Spell checker
    + Sort

> As long as there is an end in sight to feature expansion, and gedit 
> isn't "fiddled with" forever, the current basic feature set should be
> okay.

I'm quite satisfied with the current set of features gedit provides so
it will not be "fiddled with" forever.
All the new features will be developed as plugins and eventually
distributed with gedit-plugins or as stand-alone packages (i.e. outside
the desktop).
The only new feature I'd like to see in the gedit main package is a
"Tools" plugin (but I don't know if I will have time to implement it for
GNOME 2.4).


P.S. I need some help in re-designing the prefs dialog UI. Any

[1] With this solution we will have a little and IMO not so important
feature regression 

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