Re: My (ongoing) analysis of the proposed modules


Just a little note to respond to the gucharmap issues you
brought up, and to try to get feedback on some ui changes I
am thinking of for the next version.

First of all, thank you for giving gucharmap the green. :-)

> The View menu is quite large, 

In cvs, I'm working on getting rid of the treeview with the
character details, and the associated menu items, and
providing that information in a textview in a separate tab.
Here is a *very preliminary* screenshot:

I would really appreciate it if people could give me some
feedback on whether you like this idea or not. I like it, it
seems cleaner to me; but one person has already begged me
not to do it. He likes having the details in the same view
as that character table.

Also, I've gotten rid of the codepoint page listings in the
unicode block list (U+0000, U+0100, etc.), and the
expand/collapse all menu item. I found them ugly and
useless. They were basically a remnant from when navigating
the characters was harder. Anybody feel free to scream if
you liked that feature, though.

> and offers duplicated
> functionality in some cases, as far as I can see.  The
> Zoom +/- items seem to just change the font size, which is
> pretty well handled by the main interface. 

That's a convenience I put in because I'm sort of keyboard
oriented, and I wanted it. I use it all the time (ctrl++ /
ctrl+-), and almost never use the spin button. I don't want
to take it out, but I'll respect the hig folks' decision if
they choose to make one.

> I seem to
> recall the equivalent of Zoom Mode in other character maps
> being shown simply by holding down the mouse cursor on the
> character - perhaps this is preferable to an option to
> switch to modal operation? 

Yeah, the right mouse button does the same thing. But
keyboard only users need access to the functionality too. I
personally prefer ctrl+enter over right mouse button.

> Can "Snap Columns to the Power of Two" be implemented in a
> "Just Works" fashion? 

Would you have it always snap to a power of two? I happen to
like that it doesn't; to me, it's one of the things that
makes gucharmap stand out when compared with other character
map programs. It makes the window size and font size more


On Sat, May 10, 2003 at  6:25:00 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:

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