RE: 2.4 Module List - zenity

Hey there,

> Quite apart from the question of whether this, and/or Nautilus scripts, are
> appropriate, can we see an example of a script that uses zenity? Because
> it's something that's meant to be user-visible (almost a user-interface) I'm
> worried that "zenity" might not be as user-friendly a name as "gdialog".

Um, it sort of sounds like you haven't actually tried running zenity.
It's a pretty small package, so it won't take up much room. Then look at
'zenity --help' to see the commandline options and also the
documentation in the 'zenity --about' dialog - there are examples of its
possible use. Obviously it would be good to have some more real life
scripts from sys admins.

As far as the name goes, well it's exactly the same as metacity,
evolution, nautilus, yelp, ... [shrug]. While I do agree that we should
have some sort of sensible 'gnome-dialog-generator' or something, it
involved more thought at the time ;)

Anyway, if someone can write a simple script wrapper for zenity based on
gdialog, we've got the compatibility thing and user-friendly thing

		see ya,
			Glynn ;)

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