RE: 2.4 Module List - Setup Tools


> Do we even still have a GNOME control center? I thought we just had a bunch
> of small apps in the menus.

We have the URL preferences: for Nautilus. There you can find something
similar to a Control Center. I think that the main problem with it is
that you have to remember to write "preferences:" in Nautilus to access

Yes, you can start from "start-here:" URL and the double click over
"Desktop preferences" but then, you have to remember "start-here:". By
default you have this URL in the desktop so the user will find it. Ypu
have also the "start-here:" URL in the "Go to" Nautilus menú.

It is hard if you use a language that isn't english to find friendly
this way to access the resources.


-- Alvaro

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