RE: 2.4 Module List - zenity

> From: Glynn Foster [mailto:glynn foster sun com] 
> To: Cumming Murray (COMNEON Linz)
> Quite apart from the question of whether this, and/or 
> Nautilus scripts, are
> > appropriate, can we see an example of a script that uses 
> zenity? Because
> > it's something that's meant to be user-visible (almost a 
> user-interface) I'm
> > worried that "zenity" might not be as user-friendly a name 
> as "gdialog".
> Um, it sort of sounds like you haven't actually tried running zenity.
> It's a pretty small package, so it won't take up much room. 
> Then look at
> 'zenity --help' to see the commandline options and also the
> documentation in the 'zenity --about' dialog - there are 
> examples of its
> possible use. 

Yeah, but I can't try it right now. Are there no examples online or in the
cvs in the lxr?
> As far as the name goes, well it's exactly the same as metacity,

The point of metacity is that people aren't aware of it.

> evolution,
> nautilus,

I don't think people see, or need to see, the Nautilus name much when using

> yelp,

For the user, isn't that just the "GNOME Help Browser" or something like

Anyway, maybe it's more obvious than I fear. I just need to see an example
some time.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net  

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