Re: 2.4 Module List - Setup Tools

ooops, sorry, I forgot to CC the list :-)

El jue, 27 de 03 de 2003 a las 10:16, James Ogley escribió:
> > I noticed the other day that SuSE has its own YAST setup thing even though
> > its default KDE desktop provides a control panel for some of the same
> > things. So they might want an equally-confusing duplication in their GNOME
> > desktop too.
> *chuckle*
> Actually, what they do on the KDE desktop is embed the YaST components
> within the KDE Control Centre, so someone using KDE never actually needs
> to start YaST itself.

uuh, well... GST is integrated in the gnome control center, so someone
using GNOME doesn't need to start GST itself... :-)


> If it were possible to do a similar thing with GNOME-VFS, or the GST,
> that would be neat, but YaST is written with QT...

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