2.4 Module List - Setup Tools

> From: Sean Middleditch [mailto:elanthis awesomeplay com] 
> I don't know that this is that good of an idea - most 
> distros, which is
> where users get their GNOME generally, have their own tools.
> As much as I love these tools (being on a distro without 
> their own tools
> ;-) putting this in the official GNOME isn't something I'd recommend. 
> Vendors are likely just going to ignore this part.

So we need to find out what distros think. For instance, if RedHat and/or
Mandrake would like to use GST then we should probably think about including

I noticed the other day that SuSE has its own YAST setup thing even though
its default KDE desktop provides a control panel for some of the same
things. So they might want an equally-confusing duplication in their GNOME
desktop too.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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