Re: after updating cvs...

Make sure you get the gnome-themes package.  You might just be missing 
the basic icons.


On Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 03:00:03AM -0800, Daniel McKee wrote:
> Hope this is the right list to post to, if not please excuse me, but
> after updating to the latest CVS packages (GNOME CVS on Redhat
> Rawhide),my main menu icons are all missing, my nautilus desktop icons
> are now the generic ones, and when i try to change certain prefs (like
> the theme) i get this error message;
>  The default theme schemas could not be found on.
>  This means that you probably don't have metacity
>  installed, or that your gconf is configured incorrectly.
> Thing is, yes metacity is installed and running, 
> and what is wrong with gconf????
> I had this problem like a year ago (diff install, diff pc) and fixed it,
> can't remember what it was tho.... HELP!!!!
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