Re: ui-review bugs

On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 17:43, Andrew Sobala wrote:

> Well, 100% of the bugs are not going to be fixed on time.

Perhaps not, but according to bugzilla, less than 20% have been fixed.

> I'm just suggesting you look at the open ones while doing the ui-review to save
> time, so you don't discuss and resuggest issues that are already filed,
> so you have _more_ time to do the ui-review process.

I appreciate that... but the reason we didn't have to do it last time
was because for 2.0, the whole point was that all the ui-review
suggestions *were* fixed prior to the release (or of course closed out
if the maintainer rejected them for some reason), so there weren't any
open ui-review bugs left to look at :)  If that's not going to be the
case going forward, I don't really see much point in having a
release-team-sanctioned ui-review effort at all, if it's going to so
little impact on the thing being released.


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