Re: ui-review bugs

On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 11:59, Calum Benson wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 19:32, Andrew Sobala wrote:
> > It's worth pointing out to the usability team that, before doing a
> > ui-review, they should really look at the relevant bug if it's still
> > open and not repeat anything in it (but rather add additional comments
> > to the end). Then you know what you don't have to repeat before you
> > start.
> > 
> > Does that make sense?
> It makes sense, but it does add extra time to a process that we never
> have time to finish as it is.  The whole point of the process was that
> it would generate UI changes that were allowed to go in after the
> general UI freeze, to improve overall consistency.  If this isn't
> happening then we need to look at the process again, because there's
> really no point in doing it if the bugs are still open months later.

Well, 100% of the bugs are not going to be fixed on time. I'm just
suggesting you look at the open ones while doing the ui-review to save
time, so you don't discuss and resuggest issues that are already filed,
so you have _more_ time to do the ui-review process.

Andrew Sobala <aes gnome org>

"If we eventually have the ubercool component system - based on Bonobo, or
something else - then great, we can then proxy it over IIOP, D-BUS, SOAP,
and morse code." -- hp

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