Re: 2.4, GEPs and timely inclusion "heads-up"

Luis said:
> > Perhaps the best approach would be twofold:
> > 
> > 	* developers interested in doing their own initial accessibility
> > assessment are encouraged to do so, and we'll try to help;
> > 	* the accessibility team gets a second "heads-up" for all new widgets
> > and apps once they have been "approved in principle" for an upcoming
> > release - with enough lead time to find and fix any serious
> > accessibility bugs.
> A couple of people have seemed unclear on this, so I probably need to do
> some rewriting, but as it stands, the GEP 10 standards are sort of
> two-part: the first part (2.3.x) is for proposal into the platform
> (basically your heads up, but not a11y specific) and the second (2.4.x)
> for final acceptance into the platform. In other words, when GEP 11 is
> finalized, you and others could consider that a heads up and then when
> time came for release you'd be able to speak up and say 'it isn't ready
> yet'- in your case, under GEP 10's 2.4.3. Is that reasonable, Bill?
> > Does this seem like a reasonable request?  I'd love to test-drive every
> > new candidate for inclusion but it's just not feasible at the moment.

This sounds like a reasonable approach to the problem (using GEP 11 as
heads-up, then subjecting resulting candidates eventually to GEP 10
criteria).  As long as we have some leadtime, we (and presumably QA)
will be OK, I hope


> QA has the same problem. :)
> Luis

Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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