RE: Uploading the API docs

> From: Jeff Waugh [mailto:jdub perkypants org] 
> <quote who="Murray Cumming Comneon com">
> > Jeff says that there's a problem with this - something to 
> do with the
> > setup of the "widget" server.
> No, just that I haven't been connected enough to fix up the 
> build to work
> correctly on widget.

I'd try to help too if I didn't have similar problems.

> > So, Christian, could you go ahead with the simple upload of 
> the built
> > docs, as planned? Sorry for bugging you, but I have no 
> other way to find
> > out what's happening.
> I thought Christian was going to upload his built docs 
> regardless (having
> spoken to him on IRC about it last week).

To a different location?

> If you have built 
> docs, you can
> upload them too.

I doubt that I have access to that part of the "widget" server. I guess I
could upload them to ~murrayc/ but that seems even less ideal.

> It's a quick stop-gap so we can have 
> something online. I
> can't upload poop, because they're around 20MB compressed.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net  

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