Re: Uploading the API docs

<quote who="Murray Cumming Comneon com">

> > I thought Christian was going to upload his built docs regardless
> > (having spoken to him on IRC about it last week).
> To a different location?

No, to d.g.o/doc/API/

> > If you have built docs, you can upload them too.
> I doubt that I have access to that part of the "widget" server. I guess I
> could upload them to ~murrayc/ but that seems even less ideal.

Wherever, as long as they're in the same format as the tarballs already on
widget (ie. www, master, etc). Someone can shift and uncompress them to the
right place.

- Jeff

    "GNOME, launched specifically to counter a threat to our freedom, is    
       the free software project par excellence." - Richard Stallman        

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