Re: Uploading the API docs

<quote who="Murray Cumming Comneon com">

> Jeff says that there's a problem with this - something to do with the
> setup of the "widget" server.

No, just that I haven't been connected enough to fix up the build to work
correctly on widget.

> So, Christian, could you go ahead with the simple upload of the built
> docs, as planned? Sorry for bugging you, but I have no other way to find
> out what's happening.

I thought Christian was going to upload his built docs regardless (having
spoken to him on IRC about it last week). If you have built docs, you can
upload them too. It's a quick stop-gap so we can have something online. I
can't upload poop, because they're around 20MB compressed.

- Jeff

                        Great minds think different?                        

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