Re: 2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11)

On Tue, 2003-03-25 at 10:24, Bill Haneman wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-03-19 at 05:03, Luis Villa wrote:
> ...
> > Galeon clearly meets most of the standards of GEP 10- as you say, it
> > would be a marked improvement over Mozilla in most situations,
> > especially as we work to integrate the 'net and the desktop.
> FWIW, Moz 1.3+ represents a significant step forward in integration
> with GNOME-2.  The most recent gtk+-2 builds I've seen have impressive
> GTK+, theme, font, and ATK integration, though it's not 100% there yet.
> I think Galeon/Epiphany are cool projects and don't intend anything 
> negative about them, but I do think that the arguments in favor of
> having a GNOME-specific browser are less compelling nowadays.

One thing that'll help is a common mime-type system among all
desktops/apps.  That's probably the one thing that Galeon/Epiphany
really provide.

Aside from HIGyness.  (Which is always cool...;-)

> -Bill

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