Problems with gnome HEAD in fresh v-b-s build


I did a fresh checkout of v-b-s, and tried to compile gnome-head. The
build failed with an 
"ERROR: Can't autogen" 
for the libgnomeprint module.

Searching for references to this error helped (although the references
were for other packages). The problem was resolved by making 
aclocal-1.4 and aclocal-1.6 point to aclocal (in
/gnome/head/INSTALL/bin), and automake-1.4 and automake-1.6 to point to
automake(in /gnome/head/INSTALL/bin). libgnomeprint and libgnomprintui
could be built after that. 

But after that libgda failed to build. So i reverted back to the old
aclocal-1.4/1.6 and automake-1.4/1.6 and libgda compiled. 

Possibly this problems needs a global fix somewhere else. 

hope this helps, 
Patanjali Somayaji <patanjali codito com>
Codito Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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