release-team meeting minutes - 2003-03-12

Here are the minutes for last week. We skipped this week's meeting because
the GEPs on desktop-devel-list are where the action is this week.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

Minutes for Gnome 2 release team meeting 2003-03-12

Present:                        Apologies:

Jonathan Blandford              Luis Villa
Murray Cumming                            
Frederic Crozat
Glynn Foster
Mikael Hallendal                                     
Jeff Waugh (chairing)
Bill Hanneman (This week's special guest star)                    


  DONE: Jeff to invite Bill Hanneman to a meeting to discuss Accessibility in GNOME 2.4
  => DONE: He's in the meeting.

  PENDING: Luis to write a "new modules in GNOME 2.4" GEP.
  => DONE after the meeting.

Decisions and discussion:

  * Accessibility - How good is it and how can we make it better?

  Bill says GNOME 2.2 isn't as accessible as we'd like. The problems are quite evenly 
  spread across modules, though GTK+ and Nautilus have more because they have lots of
  functionality. There is a big list on There don't seem to be 
  any major issues with the accessibilty libraries themselves.
  Other signifcant points from Bill:
  - We don't have many Assistive Technologies (devices) that work with GNOME yet,
    so it's hard to test everything
  - There won't be a big user base for accessibilty until it's more accessible.
  - Bill is concerned about the new gucharmap module.
  - Inaccessible modules might be worse than no modules, for people who need them
    to be accessible.
  - HEAD already has some improvements for current 2.2 issues.

  We requested that Bill remind people often about the outstanding accessibility bugs.
  We suggested that it would be good if gok and gnopernicus released tarballs to 
  stimulate development.

  We agreed to aim for a highly accessible desktop for GNOME 2.4.

2.4 Module list GEP:

  After the meeting, Luis sent a generic module lists GEP and a 2.4 module list GEP.

Murray Cumming

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