RE: 2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11) - Browser

>What are the API-freeze/release dates for Mozilla's GRE module, which I
>suppose Epiphany would use as a dependeny instead of the whole of Mozilla?
>It needs to be compatible with the GNOME 2.4 schedule.

There is not an API freeze date. Some of the Mozilla API are being frozen
but there is not a roadmap, basically they are declared frozen when they
are ready. See

As for the release dates I think they are the same of mozilla-the-browser.

I need to build Galeon/Epiphany with a GRE only mozilla build and see if
there are problems.
When is fixed, it will
be easy to have epiphany depend on a particular version of the GRE (1.4
seems the more likely for gnome roadmap ?). Different versions of the GRE
are parallele installable, so we would not conflict with newer versions
of mozilla.


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