Re: Some thoughts on GNOME

> > Sticky Notes- This Program Has a bad look.
> > 
> >
> > 
> > I agree with you, I would use xpad instead.
> > 
> >

Do you mean visually, ui-wise, or feature-wise? If it's bad visually or
ui-wise, please file some bugs on bugzilla (gnome-applets->stickynotes)
or send me an email.

If it's features you're missing, then you'll have to use XPad.
StickyNotes has been kept simple intentionally - it indents to be no
more than an environmentally-friendly post-it note. Once again, if you
feel it's missing a feature it really should have, email me / bugzilla

(In case you haven't actually tried the applet, the colors ARE
completely configurable.)

Thanks for the feedback,

PS Apologies for the gratuitious animated screenshot. It seems less
gratuaitious when viewed with the webpage. I was having fun with the
Gimp! :-)
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