Some thoughts on GNOME


Xchat - The main gnome irc software

needs a new look,the colors there are awful.

Sticky Notes- This Program Has a bad look.



2)BiDi - (What BiDi Is And More About It) -


Better BiDi Support In Editing

one problem with the BiDi Support in Gtk is that there isnt an

Combination keys that change the direction (In Win - Crtl And Shift)


3)Control Center


The Control - Center Needs lots of improvements

One impotent item missing is the internationalisation item.

In Windows there is something similar to this

One reason to add this item is because:

Adding a new langauge to Gnome is a difficult task

if i want to enable hebrew support in Gnome i need to

Change all The Lc ENV to he_IL (and this can be done just from the konsol)

If I Want To Enable support for writing hebrew i need to do all this steps:

Hebrew Keyboard under X

There are about 15 ways of getting your keyboard to type hebrew. I will give the simplest solution, using xkb and gkb. You probably noticed an applet called gkb, or "Keyboard Layout Switcher". This applet is supposed to help you change the layout of your keyboard.

Right click on the applet and choose "Prefrences...".

In The Keymaps tab click the Add button.

Browse down the tree and select "Hebrew xkb keymap".

Notice that by clicking on the applet the flag changes, if you get the Israeli flag and try typing you will notice that you are still typing in English. This is because your keyboard is now working in a Hebrew/English mode, To toggle between modes you must give xkb a few more arguments. In the preferences dialog select "Hebrew xkb keymap" and click the "Edit" button.

In the new dialog change command to: setxkbmap -option grp:switch,grp:ctrl_shift_toggle,grp_led:scroll il

Now once you select the Israeli flag on the applet and press ctrl+shift the "Scroll" led will light up on your keyboard and you will be typing hebrew.


in Windows Xp for example all i can Solve This to problem (1-hebrew support,hebrew writing support)

get into the control panel

then Double Click On Regional and language options

then i can chose from there Hebrew Support like date, time and more)

and i can chose from the langauge section Hebrew Support for writing

and thats all.

4)Fonts- New Idea

Need to be Option To Select Fonts For Hebrew Language and fonts for English Language

because if now i use Arial Font

In Hebrew Mode it looks good

but in English Mode it looks sucks

So My Main Idea is that i want to do a combination.


5) General

Gnome HomePage -

There is lots of pages that not up2date


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