Re: A Tale of a Toolbar editor

On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 09:59, iain wrote:
> Bear in mind that we are already providing API calls to override the
> default GNOME setting, so an author is free to override it if he wants.
> I think that coming up with the compromise in c) is most likely to make
> consistant looking applications. But then, maybe this is just me as a
> sloppy focus/only give focus to windows I tell it to window manager
> user...
IMHO this look great.  But it would be even better if you could embed
the standard toolbar editing widgets right onto the toolbar itself
(maybe right justified).  This keeps the user from trying to find out
where the controls are to alter the toolbar look (e.g. a small right
justified widget to select whether the toolbar displays icons, text,
both, or GNOME defaults).  This would lead to better cross application

Regarding toolbar editing, IMHO I would do the same. Provide a small
widget on the toolbar itself that provides a standard interface where
you can drag the toolbar widgets from/to to add/delete to the toolbar.

If it becomes obvious and easy enough for the user to see how to change
the toolbar look then the defaults really don't matter that much.

My $.02.


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