Re: 2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11)

Hey there,

> That said, most new apps have at least a few places where they have
> accessibility problems since developers rarely test with different
> themes, mouse-unplugged, etc., and certainly not with GOK and
> gnopernicus (yet).  We (the accessibility group) don't want to stand in
> the way of progress, or make unreasonable demands on developers, but we
> do have limited resources.  This means that we need to be selective in
> the new applications and widgets which we assess for accessibility.
> Perhaps the best approach would be twofold:
> 	* developers interested in doing their own initial accessibility
> assessment are encouraged to do so, and we'll try to help;
> 	* the accessibility team gets a second "heads-up" for all new widgets
> and apps once they have been "approved in principle" for an upcoming
> release - with enough lead time to find and fix any serious
> accessibility bugs.

I think we also need to have a very concise checklist for developers
trying to check to see if their application is accessible. By that I
mean things like the following -

	* registering icons with stock / using GnomeIconTheme
	* adding atk name descriptions/relations
	* adding mnemonics where neccessary
	* checking key nav according to the guidelines we've already
	* using at-poke

This is just a random list that I've pulled off the top of my head, but
something like this could be really, really useful.

			see ya,
				Glynn ;)

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