Re: 2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11)

Hey there,

> Oh, and gnome-utils still contains gnome-dictionary and the search tool
> which aren't getting replaced, so gnome-utils is not going away yet ;)

Well, I'm actually thinking that removing gnome-utils in the long term
would be a good thing. I've talked to both Rich and Noah, who both feel
that they want to be a seperate module. That basically leaves gfloppy,
gdict and gsearchtool. At the moment, and no offence to Stef who's done
great work with gfloppy, gsearchtool is by far the most maintained

I personally belive that we'd be better off slowly splitting gnome-utils
apart in the long run, which will allow each to have its own release

			See ya,
				Glynn :)

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