Re: KDE Interop [Was: D-BUS background]

On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 09:02, Vadim Plessky wrote:

> well, the first thing which I (as non-native English speaker) do when 
> load new Desktop - is adding Cyrillic support/installing new
> keyboard/layout. In KDE Control Center, it is:
> Regional & Accessibility -> Keyboard layout -> Enable keyboard layouts
> So, I need keyboard switcher activated, with possibility to switch 
> keyboard layouts via different key combinations (I use Alt+Shift)
> I understood that GNOME 2.0 was kind of developemtn release, targeted at 
> developers. But, frankly, I was surprised that GNOME 2.2 still doesn't have 
> this feature.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but isn't that what the Keyboard Layout
Switcher applet (gkb) does?  It's always been part of GNOME 2.x.


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