Re: KDE Interop [Was: D-BUS background]

/me douses some flames, then looks for particular question's to answer.

> I am curious to know where GNOME is ahead of KDE.
> I try every major GNOME release and still can't find it useful (as of 2.2 
> version).
> On the other hand, KDE became useful since 2.1 version.

These statements are not very useful. If we are to improve Gnome (I am
assuming that is why you wrote this email - rather than just to flame),
you need to tell us what you need in a desktop, for it to be useful,
that Gnome 2.2 failed to deliver.

> So, I am really curious to hear your arguments.
> I doubt "enterprise customer" in current economical environment would wish to 
> pay lots of money.

Regardless, they would still pay more then mere "home desktop"

> c) KDE's Control Center is superior to GNOME's one

Alright, if you say so, but please elaborate a bit more. If your
complaint is that the KDE one has _way_ more options, then you will
forever view Gnome's CC as inferior because it's aims are different. I,
personally, very much like Gnome CC's simplistic and tidy approach. If
there is some configurability which you believe Gnome lacks and should
have, do elaborate and file bugs - we'll appreciate it.

> Mozilla is incredibly slow and resource-hungry, and it fails on too many pages 
> to be useful.

LOL, now that is an interesting statement. By itself, it could be true.
It can be slow, is somewhat resource-hungry (but not overly so), and
does fail on some pages. But, I would seriously doubt anyone would
corraborate that it fails so many more than Konquerer that it would be
deemed useless compared to Konquerer.

> There is no licensing issue with Qt/KDE already for 2.5 years!..

I believe what the original poster was talking about was how companies
could write and release _commercial_ Gtk apps without paying licensing
fee's, but that is not possible in QT.

> Do you know that Intel+HP were demonstrating recently Itanium2-based Superdome 
> server, and it was running (together with HP-UX, on another partition) Linux 
> with KDE?


> What version of GNOME would have usable File Selector?
> (comparable to KDE 3 or Windows 2000 File Selector in terms of functionality 
> and usability)

I believe the plan is 2.6. Yes, we all know is very overdue. :-)

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