Re: TARBALLS DUE: GNOME 2.2.1 Desktop & Developer Platform

lör 2003-03-08 klockan 00.38 skrev Jeff Waugh:
> > That's rather soon, and as there hasn't been an updated 2.2 schedule
> > available for long, the date wasn't really expected. There are probably
> > quite a lot of translations right now that were fully complete at 2.2.0
> > release time but right now aren't, due to both the announced and
> > unannounced string changes that happened in the mean time.
> > 
> > If there's a chance for a 2.2.2 release after this 2.2.1, with a couple of
> > weeks of prior notice, then we might have a chance to complete the many
> > translations that right now aren't complete. We haven't pushed translators
> > to complete their 2.2 translations since no dates were available, and
> > having dates available helps encouraging.
> Yeah, apologies for this, totally my fault. :-) We're basically looking at
> swapping the 2.3.2 release with 2.2.2 (so we're not stuck making lots of
> releases all at once) - does this sound good to you?

Certainly. As long as the date is available on the dotplan pages a
couple of weeks in advance. :-)
Your friendly reminders help a lot, too. Thanks for doing those.


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