Re: TARBALLS DUE: GNOME 2.2.1 Desktop & Developer Platform

ons 2003-03-05 klockan 17.25 skrev Jeff Waugh:
> Ladies, gentlemen and Swedes,

We're kind of inbetween? :-)

> Tarballs for our first 2.2 point release are due this Monday, March 10th!

That's rather soon, and as there hasn't been an updated 2.2 schedule
available for long, the date wasn't really expected. There are probably
quite a lot of translations right now that were fully complete at 2.2.0
release time but right now aren't¹, due to both the announced and
unannounced string changes that happened in the mean time.

If there's a chance for a 2.2.2 release after this 2.2.1, with a couple
of weeks of prior notice, then we might have a chance to complete the
many translations that right now aren't complete. We haven't pushed
translators to complete their 2.2 translations since no dates were
available, and having dates available helps encouraging.


¹ Unfortunately with our new translation status pages the information
about completedness for core (desktop + developer-libs) that was once on
a single page is now spread on more than 50 pages, so it's currently
hard to give exact numbers. I believe Carlos is working on a fix.

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