But in theme applet that is likely to really confuse users

Right now if you use the theme applet to install an icon theme it will
be installed into ~/.themes instead of ~/.icons and as such
not be picked up by the theme applet and not be usable as an icon
theme. This is bug 102216.

I've posted up a patch that fixes this issue, but not very well. It
is still broken if you use drag and drop to install the theme, and
i just duplicated the code that installes themes into .themes
and changed it to install into .icons - really not a very nice

It'd be great to get something done for 2.2.1; we can either:
1. Apply my patch because it makes the probelm less sever
2. Apply a better patch that fixes the problem properly ;)
3. Disable installing of icons themes in the applet. At least
this way the user will know that they have to do it manually.
4. Ship it broken as it is.

I'll leave it up to the maintainers to decide, but I think that
3 is better than 4.

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