Re: Using Yelp for other documentation

> I think the current practice is to use devhelp for api and developer
> documentation. (
> lidn has a lot of books prepackaged but not php
> (

<another reply on same topic>

IMO you're better off creating devhelp books since developer
documentation is meant to be browsed through devhelp. This will also
allow the developer to get context sensitive help in anjuta during php

Sure sounds like a great plan to me. That way i can still get to my help easely and i can help gnome-development projects out a little bit.

On both sites not a lot of help can be found on how to generate books, but i found two python scripts in the source's /misc dir ( & I presume these are ment to convert standard gtk-doc -> html generated pages?

Now what if the html pages are not generated by gtk-doc ? (judging by the format of the devhelp pages they are pretty much straight imports from gtk-doc output and index's were created around them)

Also, if it does display straight gtk-doc generated pages, how would one change the font for them? Would it be a smart idea to change gtk-doc to use a central style sheet that a config program could change? (default fonts look like *crap* if you pardon my french[1]) and i would hate to have to put up with that 8 hours a day. (I could be ignorant, and a central style sheet already exists, and i just don't know about it)

Anyways, if you guys could give me some pointers on how to shove PHP's 13 MB, 4000 .html files into devhelp, i'll gladly write some scripts to automate it, and contribute it back with the matching book to go

	-- Chris

[1] 'Crap' is french for 'Amazing'

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