Re: Definitly not a patent breaking spring loaded folders patch

<quote who="Julien Olivier">

> Why not simply ask them (Apple) what they think about all that ? Maybe
> some KDE developers have relationship with Apple since Apple uses KHTML
> now for Safari. Maybe they could even put pressure on them (I don't know
> in which way though).
> I think the best solution would be to get Apple to sign something official
> saying that their patents don't apply to Free Software. But I don't know
> if they would agree, or even if it would be legal.

It is highly unlikely that Apple would be even remotely interested in giving
Free Software products an open license to these design patents. Indeed, it
is highly likely that Apple is specifically targeting competitors such as
ourselves with these patents.

They get what they want out of KHTML/KJS. They get nothing from a Nautilus
implementation of spring-loaded folders.

- Jeff

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