Release-team minutes 2003-03-05

Here are the minutes for this week

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

Minutes for Gnome 2 release team meeting 2003-03-05

Present:                        Apologies:

Jonathon Blandford              Mikael Hallendal
Murray Cumming                            
Frederic Crozat                                     
Jeff Waugh (chairing)
Glynn Foster
Luis Villa                     


  PENDING: No idea. Let's start again.

  NEW: Jeff to invite Bill Hanneman to a meeting to discuss Accessibility in GNOME 2.4

  NEW: Luis to write a "new modules in GNOME 2.4" GEP.

Decisions and discussion:
  * CVS build breakage:

  Do we want more build sherrifs and/or Tinderbox. Tinderbox is currently down. Ximian
  do use it lots for their own stuff so it should be available to us fairly 
  reliably again in the future. We can't actually have our own non-Ximian server 
  because the build system backend is proprietary

  We can't have too many build sherrifs because the idea of >3 people who can do
  whatever they like to modules could cause maintainer outrage.

  But we do need to encourage people to make a big fuss about build breaks. 
  * 2.2 and 2.4 release schedules:

  Should we do 2.3.x releases every 2 weeks or 3 weeks. When should we release
  2.2.2? We need to avoid 2.2.x v. 2.3.x clashes, plus avoid a release during GUADEC.
  Jeff is juggling the schedule. He posted it after the meeting so we'dhave something 
  more to discuss.

  Also acknowledged that at some stage, complete community releases slack off, 
  and distributions will do per-module releases for themselves if required.

  * 2.4 new modules

  We seem to have some consensus already. Luis will write a GEP so we can decide it
  * Accessibility:
  We need to discuss how to improve A11y further in 2.4. As agreed already, now is 
  a good time to invite Bill Hanneman to talk to us about it.

Murray Cumming

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