Re: But in theme applet that is likely to really confuse users

On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 16:16, Mark Finlay wrote:
> It'd be great to get something done for 2.2.1; we can either:
> 1. Apply my patch because it makes the probelm less sever
> 2. Apply a better patch that fixes the problem properly ;)
> 3. Disable installing of icons themes in the applet. At least
> this way the user will know that they have to do it manually.
> 4. Ship it broken as it is.

You forgot 5)

Fix the Icon Theme spec and the various pieces of code in gnome
for icon themes to accept ~/.themes/<name>/icons/ and
$prefix/share/themes/<name>/icons/ as valid locations for the themes.

-- dobey

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