Re: KDE Interop [Was: D-BUS background]

Well since it look like GNOME and KDE will share libraries in the
accessibility and multimedia area, libraries which today use glib

there is one thing about that that i find somewhat unsetteling. Spreading qt and glib all around the place would make it imposible to make a 'pure' kde/gnome desktop distro, being required to ship atleast the base packages for both desktop envirioments. Take the current redhat forinstance, removing gnome or kde is nearly imposible, to many cross dependancies between gui tools, art work, sound daemons, etc.

the performance will take a slight hit to, both libs need to be loaded into memory then for programs to function.. waste of resources i would think (please note i want to portray this desktop choice neutral,it happens in both directions).

i understand that on current normal spec machines a extra [1] 420kb or more lib in memory is not a huge thing, but on enough machines it is.. hell we used to run games and the OS in that amount of memory! ;-)

Not to mention the extra storage required on the machine for storing all the double toolkit libs.. plus posibly libstdc++ and family. For small devices and/or embeded solutions this is a pretty big deal, storage on those things is very limited and expensive

Even for powerfull pc's its memory wasted that could've been cache or not-swapping, and a lot of extra disk i/o loading all the libs making startup times and the feel of it a bit slower.

Now if KDE would officialy adopt glib2 into its project, and use it for those sound, video and other libs, that be great.. a bit of overhead extra for them though but survivable.

But if we feed the cross-dependancy-monster more then that, we are gonna shoot our selves in the (furry gnome style) foot and create a situation where every desktop and phone needs to have kde and gnome base toolkits installed.. if you ask me, that's not a good place to go; Distro's are already a [2] dependency mess, lets not make it worse! ;-)

Anyways we are long not there yet, but it is something both kde and gnome need to keep an eye on .. (thats one of the factors why i like the d/bus idea, very little if any cross-deps between toolkits)

	-- Chris

[1] 420k comes from looking at my /usr/lib/, which is 426772 bytes on my system. if i look at, that sizes in at a hefty 6687668 bytes (6.6mb)

[2] Forinstance, why does pam use glib10 ?!

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