RE: Java/Bonobo and inter-orb communication [was: shipping Vera w ith 2.4]

On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 18:06, ERDI Gergo wrote:
> On Mon, 3 Mar 2003 Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> > > the implementation is already in java-access-bridge but it really
> > > needs to be split out into its own module so that the several
> > > modules that are already using Java Bonobo bindings can have a more
> > > rational dependency graph.
> > 
> > Makes sense. Thanks for this. It is very enlightening for us C++
> > people, even though it doesn't help much for the whole D-BUS
> > discussion. I hope I have time to investigate this further.
> Umm, Murray, this isn't really relevant to bonobomm. Basically, what
> Bill's talking about is accessing existing Bonobo components via the
> Bonobo IDL (which of course also means (re)implementing some sugar).
> However, this says nothing about reusing libbonobo implementations of
> interfaces -- particularily the hard stuff like Control and menu-merging.

Umm, yes and no.  I am not just talking about reusing existing Bonobo
components; we're implementing Bonobo services without ORBit2 and C

It's a good example of using something other than C+ORBit2 on the client
side.  But as Gergo says, if what you want is to implement a Bonobo
service, you have to do more work.  We plan to do that work for Control,
and don't think it will be that bad.  I dunno about the menu-merging,
that indeed might turn out to be a PITA.


Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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