RE: Java/Bonobo and inter-orb communication [was: shipping Vera w ith 2.4]

On Mon, 3 Mar 2003 Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:

> > the implementation is already in java-access-bridge but it really
> > needs to be split out into its own module so that the several
> > modules that are already using Java Bonobo bindings can have a more
> > rational dependency graph.
> Makes sense. Thanks for this. It is very enlightening for us C++
> people, even though it doesn't help much for the whole D-BUS
> discussion. I hope I have time to investigate this further.

Umm, Murray, this isn't really relevant to bonobomm. Basically, what
Bill's talking about is accessing existing Bonobo components via the
Bonobo IDL (which of course also means (re)implementing some sugar).
However, this says nothing about reusing libbonobo implementations of
interfaces -- particularily the hard stuff like Control and menu-merging.

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