Re: building *bonobo* docs

Murray said:

> B) Seems a bit overambitious. In fact the present system seems overambitious
> because it clearly isn't working and seems to require some undocumented
> expert tweaking. Maybe it would be nice to just do something like
>   jhbuild build-and-upload-docs
> If we keep the existing system then we really do need to urgently delegate
> some more gnomeweb access. Do we have any responsible volunteers?

I think this is a general problem with GNOME-2 docs.

Why can't we do something like 'make dist' when a release is made?

I see three issues at hand now:

* not all docs are available at;
* there are potential versioning issues as we move from 2.0->2.X
 (though the "since" keyword can address these)
* automatic doc generation/upload isn't easy.

It seems to me that just having module maintainers upload docs along
with dists would help, and d.g.o could be very slightly reorganized so
that docs were stored in gnome-version directories, at least at major
release points.

I'd certainly be happy to do it for my own docs if it meant they were
always available online.


Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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