Re: Spring Loaded Folders Reloaded

Am Sam, 2003-03-01 um 18.04 schrieb Julien Olivier:
> Belgium decides that it's illegal to distribute code that wasn't
> produced in Belgium or by Belgian programmers only. (replace Belgium 
> by any country if you want)
> Would that mean that you wouldn't be able to create any program with the
> GPL license just because they would all be illegal in Belgium ?

At first the GPL passage talks about 'distributing' not 'creating'. So 
you only might not be able to distribute any program. Secondly AFAIU the GPL
would not let you distribute the respective programs in Belgium - tough I 
am not sure about the part with the redistribution: it might be that you really
cant distribute it at all since you cannot make sure that everyone (eg belgians)
can use the program in agreement with the GPL.


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