Re: Spring Loaded Folders Reloaded

Le dim 02/03/2003 à 19:03, Knut Neumann a écrit :
> Am Sam, 2003-03-01 um 18.04 schrieb Julien Olivier:
> > Belgium decides that it's illegal to distribute code that wasn't
> > produced in Belgium or by Belgian programmers only. (replace Belgium 
> > by any country if you want)
> > Would that mean that you wouldn't be able to create any program with the
> > GPL license just because they would all be illegal in Belgium ?
> At first the GPL passage talks about 'distributing' not 'creating'. So 
> you only might not be able to distribute any program. Secondly AFAIU the GPL
> would not let you distribute the respective programs in Belgium - tough I 
> am not sure about the part with the redistribution: it might be that you really
> cant distribute it at all since you cannot make sure that everyone (eg belgians)
> can use the program in agreement with the GPL.

So, how come can Devian ditribute a non-US CD ? If this CD cannot de
distributed in the USA, it should'nt be distributable at all, should it

> -Knut
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