Re: Spring Loaded Folders Reloaded

Am Sam, 2003-03-01 um 18.11 schrieb Julien Olivier:
> I'd say that when a law is ridiculous you're not forced to obey it. This

Would you? Come on, what if I think the GPL [1] is ridiculous, you would
really think it would be ok to steal code from eg nautilus giving no

Ok, why not do the following (though I assume someone already started on
that - like alex?) and wait:

* See if this patent (at a fist glance) applies to spring loaded folders
* Have some foundation member contact apple if they would license those
folders to the open source community
* If not, maybe have some lawyer check the patent and see if it at a
deeper look still applies
* Have further discussion (on the base of some more and substantial

> is the case here. We should NEVER respect software patents because
> respecting them reinforces them. I really think it's our duty not to
> respect them.

You might want to replace respect with accept, I might be willing to
agree then..(while for me accept means you would not do anything against
something and respect means that you would not do  something (like
illegal actions) against something)


[1] I could come up with a some more - even harder - examples

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