Re: cursor themes, XFree86-4.3 and the mouse dialog

Luis Villa <louie ximian com> writes:

> On Fri, 2003-07-25 at 12:22, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> > Another possibility (that I don't like) is
> > to simply hide the control when run on a newer server.
> That's the one I want. I don't want another mess where crashy code gets
> checked in at the last minute. Supporting the new server is a new
> feature, period. It sucks we didn't think of it and do it earlier, but
> that's life.

<Bill Hanneman>
It is an accessibility regression, as we no longer have a way to set
large cursors.
</Bill Hanneman>

Thinking this through a bit more, it seems like replacing the list with
a radio group to select cursor size (small, medium and large?) would
make more sense, and be not likely to break as much.  An alternative
could be a toggle button (small/large) which could be put in the
old-style cursor screen as well.  Complicating this is that having two
UI's really sucks for the docs guys.

Also, as there's some confusion on this list, the code to actually
change the cursors has been in CVS for a while now.  There was just no
way to configure it outside of gconf-editor/gconf-tool.  The code that
needs adding is solely for configuration.


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