Re: cursor themes, XFree86-4.3 and the mouse dialog

On Sat, 2003-07-26 at 09:04, Vincent van Adrighem wrote:
> The best solution IMHO would be to first test the new code, and be
> prepared to rip it out again if it proves to be unsatisfactory (like the
> new weather-applet). I think the users will be very happy if they knew
> we'd at least tried.

We have a period in our release schedule for doing this. That period is
over, and has been for some time. 

> Who actually runs stock GNOME these days anyway?  ;-)

Well, I do, and I hope many others do. Despite working for Ximian, my
goal is to make stock GNOME as good and as robust as possible, and part
of that means drawing lines about when and where we add functions.
Saying 'Ximian and Red Hat will fix it for us' should never be a good
enough answer- we should always push to be as stable and featureful as


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