Re: cursor themes, XFree86-4.3 and the mouse dialog

<quote who="Sean Harshbarger">

> > The best solution IMHO would be to first test the new code, and be
> > prepared to rip it out again if it proves to be unsatisfactory (like the
> > new weather-applet). I think the users will be very happy if they knew
> > we'd at least tried.
> Again agreed. It never hurts to try. If failed, we can always revert to
> the last solution.

Unfortunately, that means you're spending time on something that you could
easily throw off the release track and deal with at a more appropriate date,
and essentially building wasted time into the development process. Time is
not something we have in enormous supply.

Now, this particular change doesn't really merit a lot of fuss and bother,
but I think it is important to reiterate the wisdom we've learned from
previous releases, and stop exceptions and rationalisations dead in their
tracks. Unless there's a really, really, really good reason, and no work
arounds. ;-)

We are in feature freeze. If the code was desperately needed, it could have
been added before now. In the meantime, we have a valid workaround for a new
bug (compat issues with XF86 4.3), and a well-in-advance patch ready for 2.6
when we start down that road (cursor theme support).

IMHO. :-)

- Jeff

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