PAM Authentication Failure w/ GDM

  I have been having trouble with using PAM in coordination with GDM.  I
have a pam module that dynamically points to two other libraries to do
authentication for our network.  Authentication works completely fine
through ssh or through login, however one of two types of authentication
fails when logging in through gdm.  The pam module looks for the type of
user account and then chooses the authentication library to use.  When it
uses the kerberos library, there is no authentication problem, however
when it uses the enigma library, sometimes the X server crashes or
soemtimes it simply gives an authentication error.  When the X server
crashes it says that there is already another session running on that
display and starts another on screen 1 etc.  When testing the code via a
test program running as user gdm, authentication works.  Strangely enough,
this has only started happening with the gdm included in Red Hat 9.  I use
a Red Hat 7.3 machine as well, and authentication works fine.  The version
of gdm on that is 2.2, and is 2.4 on the 9 machine.  Were there any
revisions or anything that could explain these bizarre problems?

	  Nicholas Harknett
		Student Systems Administrator, LCSR/DCIS
		Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

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