Re: "All Software Should Be Network Aware"

I'd be wary of any article that claims Apple get open file formats.

That said, I've thought often about Jabber integration with the desktop.
You could do some amazingly cool things with that, have panel launchers
linked to user presence so that they light up when people are online and
clicking them opens the chat window, being able to drop files so that they
"embed" into the chat area so the text wraps around the object, have a
simple API to expose personal services (perhaps a Bonobo or DBUS
extension) via Jabber so that, for instance, games can easily install
"Play with me" extensions etc.

There are lots of things you can do. The network integration talked about
there is sort of similar but machine based rather than user based, they
both have their place.

Perhaps there should be a Gnome blue sky page, like Mozilla used to have
in the early days, in fact it's still there but AFAIK not linked to from
anywhere: see

On Thu, 03 Jul 2003 16:02:55 +1000, Sir Jeff Waugh scribed thus:
> GNOME: GNU Network Object Model Environment
> Thought for the day.
> - Jeff

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