wierd metacity(?) problems

This is essentially a rehash (and RFC) of bug #115612:

I have an (admittedly) odd setup where my main login is to a terminal
server but I do development work on my workstation, both of which have
the same home directory NFS mounted from the file server.  In order to
get the (GNOME) apps running from my workstation to display and interact
properly with my main login, it is necessary to set ORBIIOPIPv4=1 in
~/.orbitrc.  This used to cause all kinds of problems (gnome-session
crashing, for one) but now works with every GNOME app except metacity
which dies with an X error.  Investigating the problem I discovered that
metacity doesn't appear to be doing anything wrong and the problem lies
somewhere beneath gdk_display_open_default_libgtk_only().

This seems really odd to me, because every other GNOME/Gtk+/X11
application works just fine except metacity.  metacity will even work if
I launch it from my workstation with the display set to the local
display "DISPLAY=:1.0" rather than "DISPLAY=shahms:1.0".  If I use an ip
address instead of the hostname, I don't get the _X11TransSocket error,
but metacity still fails to connect to X (even with access control

Any ideas?
Shahms King <shahms shahms com>

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