Gnumeric is _5_ and now supports 100% of MS XL's worksheet functions

Five years ago today, Miguel committed the first code to Gnumeric [1].
In a testament to the quality of the code several lines are still in
use [2].  Since that time the project has grown to more than 300,000
lines and now supports all 325 worksheet functions in MS Excel, plus
almost 100 more [3].

This seemed like a good time to thank all the people who have
contributed to Gnumeric over the years.   We're about to start the
run up to the the next stable release which will be out in a few
weeks.  We look forward to continuing work with the GNOME community
to produce the most powerful spreadsheet in the world.

    revision 1.1
    date: 1998/07/02 22:51:55;  author: unammx;  state: Exp;
    Stuff for today

    1.1          (unammx   02-Jul-98): Sheet *
    1.472        (jody     11-Mar-01): sheet_new (Workbook *wb, char const *name)
    1.1          (unammx   02-Jul-98): {
    1.1          (unammx   02-Jul-98):	Sheet *sheet;
    1.1          (unammx   02-Jul-98): 	sheet = g_new0 (Sheet, 1);
    1.1          (unammx   02-Jul-98): 	return sheet;
    1.1          (unammx   02-Jul-98): }


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