Re: Shipping Vera with 2.4

<quote who="James Henstridge">

> Well, possibly performing an edit on the sysconfdir/fonts/local.conf file
> during "make install" might be a better idea, then (maybe with a configure
> option to turn this behaviour off?).

Sounds a bit 'rude' (archaic and modern meanings). :-)

Here's a nutty idea -> if someone ends up getting doorman going again, we
could detect if the font is not Vera (via the sans-serif mirror or current
setting), and display a page about how cool it is with an option to change.


- Jeff (going back to the marketing office as we speak...)

    "Stay away from my house, you freak! Can't you see that everyone is     
             buying station wagons?" - Neal Stephenson, ITBWTCL             

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