Re: An object Oriented File Manager Design

On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 11:20, Alexander Larsson wrote: 
> Have you read:
> >From the nautilus perspective we have basically settled on the navigation 
> model.
Yeah, I remember this thread, but IMHO there is just a little trouble: a
nautilus window is too much similar to a galeon/epiphany one :-( 

I'm not speaking about objects or navigation metaphor, I'm speaking
about: "How can I quickly distinguish between partially hidden nautilus
and ephy windows?" 

OK, this is a personal trouble, born from hiding location bar and side
pane in nautilus, but, really, toolbars and menubars are quite the

Plus: we really need "Stop" and "Refresh" buttons? OK, they are useful
browsing remote folders, but don't for local ones: are there any reasons
to keep them in toolbar? Personally I like if local folders could
automatically refreshed as for desktop, and I never need to stop loading
a local folder. 

Plus 2: we really need a cronology pane, (probably) unused and not so
useful, or we can use only the toolbar and menubar related entry? 

Yeah, this is not stuff for all 2.x releases, but I hope a
more-file-manager-and-less-browser-or-viewer behavior in 3.0 release :-)

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